Dumpster tracking – A protection of the investment

Every container that we purchase is an investment and therefore it needs protection. If we didn’t do that, we would go out of business in several months. Dumpsters aren’t cheap; especially roll-off dumpsters as they have more parts and more things that can go wrong.

The progress of internet and technology was crucial to the increase of the protection, as we can do more things from the office than we could before. Every container is a machine that makes money and servers our clients which mean that it has to be in pristine condition at every point of time.

Tracking the roll-off containers over the internet

There are two ways of tracking dumpsters, over the cloud and through software. Since the cloud tech isn’t as perfect, as some people thing, we tend to use software that lets us keep an eye on every roll-off dumpster we own. The software we use is excellent as it works in real-time and it keeps us posted about all aspects of the container.

There is a small chance that someone will steal a roll-off dumpster and that isn’t the main reason behind owning a tracking system. We own several dozens of roll-off dumpsters and keeping track of them is not as easy as some might think. This monitoring system is perfect for maintaining a check on the location of every container. Every container has a serial number so we always know where the container is and what size it is and whether we can rent it in several days’ time (given that the previous rental period ends before that).

Serial numbers and their importance

Every roll-off dumpster has a serial number, and it helps us keep track of the workload of the same. Many parts that make a dumpster can wear out over the time and we have to change them. We have our repair crew that maintains our dumpsters, and they keep them in good condition. A serial number of a roll-off dumpster can help us keep track of the container and the amount of work and time it went without maintenance.

We believe in prevention rather than late intervention, so we inspect containers that were in use for a long time and change parts whose condition isn’t satisfactory. This prevents on-site breaks which save us money and reputation and both of those are essential for dumpster rental Pennsylvania market leaders that we are.